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Long Crack Windshield Repair Cost
Once a crack or chip grows larger than a dollar bill, it is still
repairable in most cases, up to 24 inches in most cases, as
long as the crack is repairable.

Fast - About 15 Minutes
We specialize in fast and effective service, and can repair
most of your troublesome windshield repair problems in the
matter of 15 to 20 minutes.

Free - No Cost To You
The majority of insurance companies will waive your
deductible and consider windshield crack repair
no fault.
“Amy A. got a rock chip in the windshield of my very first new car and was devastated. I found Patsco Windshield Repair
Waco on the web and called and spoke to the nicest lady at their headquarters who was so informative and helpful and even
gave me turn by turn directions to their location closest to me. I will be referring Patsco to anyone needing a rock ding repair
like mine, they are awesome!”
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Best Service
Welcome to Patsco Windshield Repair in Waco Texas, your #1
choice for windshield repair since 1995. Open Monday thru
Saturdays 10:
30am - 6:00pm. Auto glass repair will prevent
the damage from spreading, restore the structural integrity of
the windshield, and make the blemish less noticeable. We
have a money back guarantee that the rock chip repair will not
spread and will pass inspection.
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How Windshield Chip Repair Works

A windshield is repaired by injecting a special resin
to the crack or ding by means of a tool attached to
the glass. The moment it is injected, the resin is
cured then polished. This restores the auto glass'
durability and clearness.

When a windshield gets chipped or cracked, this
spreads to the innermost layer of plastic that comes
between two glass sheets. There are times when a
drill is utilized to create a clean path towards the
plastic and the damage is repaired by injecting the
resin into it.

Fixing a windshield, just like first-aid, is a preventive
measure that keeps damage from becoming worse.
The results may be almost flawless in some cases
and slightly blemished in others. Whatever the case,
windshield repair can effectively prevent the damage
from becoming worse.

Rock chips are different from one other, so some of
them will have a better response to glass repair than
others. We are experts at making your windshield
look new again. If you need a windshield chip repair
or crack windshield fixed from a rock chip, we can
help. It is a common accident, and too many people
let it go to the point of it not being able to be
repaired. A windshield chip may seem like a minor
nuisance when you first get it, but if you don’t take
the time to repair it quickly, it can spread easily,
causing a significant visual distraction across the full
line of your windshield. You can’t delay when you
are dealing with a chipped windshield.

Getting your windshield repaired in Houston is as
easy as giving us a call at Patsco Windshield
Repair Services. It does not matter if you are looking
to repair your chipped windshield or are looking for
cracked windshield repair; the highly trained
professionals at Patsco Windshield Repair excel at
repairing windshield cracks and chips in a timely
fashion. We specialize in fast and effective service,
and can fix most of your troublesome windshield
repair problems in the matter of fifteen to twenty

For almost twenty years, Patsco has been in the
auto glass repair industry. Choosing Patsco for your
windshield repair is the best choice because it will
not find a friendly more knowledgeable business to
fix that ugly crack in your windshield. We cover you
too with our warranty that is good at all of our Texas
glass locations. We guarantee our work.
We work with most insurance companies, and the
majority of insurance companies will waive your
deductible, so there is no windshield repair cost to
you. Even a long cracked windshield isn't a problem
for us and can be fixed up to 24 inches. Of course
we recommend that you fix windshield ding and
cracks as soon as you see them, as they can
spread fast. Whatever your needs are, Patsco
Windshield Repair Waco is here to help with all of
your windshield crack repair needs.
Fix Your Windshield. It’s the Law
To prevent car accidents from occurring, as well as to make your
car look better, if you have damaged or cracked windshield, you
should definitely consider replacing it. Windshields in proper
condition make a huge difference in visibility while you are
driving, as well as avoid having part of rock chip and hurt you
while you are driving, which may also lead to a car accident. You
should always make sure that all crucial parts of your car,
including your windshield, are completely functional and repaired
or replaced if damaged, otherwise you could be pulled over by
the police, ending up with ticket. Ticket you might get if pulled
over could even be charged to you in significantly greater
amount than the money you would spend on repairing your
damaged windshield. W
aco Texas laws, along with other states’
proclamations, for broken and damaged windshields, are strict
about that matter. Avoid being a cause of an accident, and
promptly replace your windshield. Safety should always come
first, so make sure that all of your car features, including
windshield, are in proper order.

Patsco Windshield Repairs
Patsco Windshield Repairs, Waco is in business for almost 20
years now, successfully working on repairing windshields using
the latest technology in order to provide all of their customers
with flawless services and impeccable performance. Since even
the smallest cracks can represent a huge problem to your
safety, Patsco is set to deliver the best service in fixing
windshield cracks up to 24 inches in less than 20 minutes.  Most
of other companies don’t repair cracks bigger than 6 inches, or
rock chips huger than a nickel, but thanks to advanced
windshield repair technology, Patsco staff is able to
professionally take care of any windshield damage, which
undoubtedly makes this company number one in repairs in
aco, Texas. It is recommended that you fix your windshield as
soon as you notice any peculiarities or damages, so you would
be able to drive safe and be secure. Patsco is always available
for every W
aco customer and wider, urgently and promptly fixing
all damages in less than 20 minutes at very affordable prices or
for free, for every customer with approved insurance.

Windshield Repair Process
For fixing all damages Patsco uses a simple, but effective
process of injecting a special resin into the damaged area, which
then helps the process of repairing by curing the auto glass.
After injecting, professional staff uses special tools for polishing
the glass, till clearness and improved glass durability are
accomplished. This process If the glass is cracked or chipped,
then spread all the way to inner plastic, the Patsco team uses
the drill to remove overly damaged parts, then uses the tool for
injecting the special resin.
Effectiveness of windshield repair basically depends on the level
of damage, meaning that most of the cracks and rock chips can
be completely cured and repaired, while others can be partially,
but effectively diminished. The point is that it is better not to wait
when you are dealing with the chipping and windshield damages,
because sometimes the problems you are having can only get
worse. Patsco Windshield Service professionals can easily fix
any damage and successfully conduct any repairing in just 20
minutes or less. You don’t even need to make an appointment,
but you can always make a call, and find out everything about
Patsco services and convenience of prompt and effective
windshield damage repairs.

Patsco Windshield Repair Services
Patsco is offering high quality windshield repair services to all of
their customers, all at very affordable prices and top standard
professionalism. Besides from having your windshield fixed and
restored, you can as well have your headlights cleaned, for
maximum safety while driving on foggy or hazy weather. Your
safety should always be the most important thing to think about
when driving, along with safety of other passengers and traffic
participants. Patsco is set to deliver only the best services, all
conducted in less than 20 minutes, which includes windshield
repair and fast service with no appointment required. Only W
experts are doing repairs, and you have the right to take
advantage of great discounts with coupons Patsco is offering. In
case you are not satisfied, as a Token of appreciation for
impeccable service for all their customers, Patsco, which is rated
with four stars from prior clients, is offering a money back
guarantee. Patsco is available at several locations, so you can
pay a visit to the one closest to your home and get your
windshield fixed in no time. Coupons and discount can be used
at any Patsco location, to make sure your satisfaction is
undoubtedly complete.
Safety First
Windshield repairs are not just meant to make your car look
better, first motivation to get your windshield repair is the
concern of your safety. When your windshield is damaged, your
focus while driving, as well as the visibility of the road can be
easily jeopardized. You will also by every chance be pulled off by
the police officer and get a ticket, because damaged vehicle is
considered to be unreliable and dangerous, thus violating the
law of traffic safety. Your ticket can be charged with dizzily high
price, which is significantly bigger than having to pay for your
windshield repairs. Patsco is also collaborating with vat number
of insurance companies and most insurance companies pay the
entire cost, your windshield repair is free. Money should not be
an excuse for not fixing your damaged windshield, windshield
cracks and rock cracks, so Patco is offering discount coupons
and affordable prices for all their customers. Every repair is
done in less than 20 minutes, conducted by experts, and in case
you are not satisfied, Patsco offers a money back guarantee.
Patsco Windshield Repair Services are available at several
locations, so you can pay a visit to the one closest to your home
and get your windshield repaired and fixed in no time, all at
affordable prices, discounts and maximal professionalism. Safety
always comes first.
Auto Glass Repair in Waco
A cracked windshield of a vehicle is definitely very
dangerous and annoying for driver. It can also
damage the visibility of the passengers as well as
driver. The successful repairing techniques can help
in restoring the windshields structural uprightness,
while costing a lot less than replacing it altogether.
Patsco Auto Glass Repair Waco is such an effective
company that has expert glass technicians who
complete the repair work within a very short span of
time. The company helps you get your windshield or
glass repaired with following efficient factors:

• Free with Approved Insurance
Your insurance company helps you by paying the
total cost for extended cracks up to 24 inches if
cracks are repairable.
Waco Windshield Repair can
help you by fixing auto glass, that most windshield
repair Houston companies are unable to fix. Patsco
Windshield Repair is associated with successful
insurance companies and can help you to process
your claim. Their professional staffs handle all the
paperwork for the customers.

• Fast Service
The expert staff at Auto Glass Repair Waco TX can
repair crack auto glass in as less as 15 minutes.
Combined with no fault guarantee, the service
becomes the preferred alternative among the car

• Money Back Guarantee
Patsco Windshield Repair also offers a money back
guarantee to customers, The company guarantees
that the rock chip repair will not spread.
Windshield Repair in
Waco is known for offering first
class services to its customers. The glass repair
company also provides services for headlight
restoration and make your hazy headlights be good
and bright yet again.

Choose Windshield Repairs Over Windshield
When it comes to driving and looking after your car,
safety is paramount. This is why many people will
think that if they suffer a chip in their windshield, it is
best to have the windshield replaced. This is not
necessarily the case though and it may be that
repairing your windshield is a lot more effective for
you and your vehicle. There are a number of strong
reasons why opting for windshield repair work as
opposed to having your windshield replaced makes
perfect sense.

One of the most important factors for choosing a
windshield repair service is that it can save
considerable time. Reputable and experienced
windshield repair teams are capable of repairing your
shield in around 15 to 20 minutes. This is a while
you wait service, which is perfect for people that are
reliant on their cars. If you need your car to get to
and from work or to carry out your daily activities,
having your car back in great condition in no time at
all is a great boon.

Another strong reason to opt for having your
windshield repaired as opposed to being replaced
comes with the cost of this service. Operating a
vehicle can be an extremely expensive affair at the
best of times. Repair work ensures that your car
remains in full working order but is much more
affordable than paying for your windshield to be
replaced. There is a cost in replacing the windshield
and there is also the labor to be factored in. If money
is an issue, and it is for most people, the benefits of
repairing a windshield offer a much better return with
respect to value for money.
Windshield repair work offers value for money
The value for money aspect can be seen with the fact that windshield
repair services are endorsed and accepted by the vast majority of
insurance companies. It is important for car owners to consider the
implications of repair or replacement work with respect to their
insurance policies. Knowing that having your windshield repaired will
not negatively impact on any insurance policy is a great comfort for
the majority of drivers.
The effective nature of windshield repair work is another huge issue
when it comes to deciding how best to look after your car. Repairing
your windshield stops the issue there and then, preventing it from
spreading any further. It also ensures that the original bond of the
windshield, created in the factory during production, remains in place.
This helps to provide confidence with respect to the long term nature
of the condition of your vehicle.

No matter what issue you are most concerned with when it comes to
owning and driving a car, opting for a windshield repair service is likely
to pay dividend. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a chip in your
windshield, don’t automatically assume that the entire windshield has
to be replaced. There is an option to have the issue removed
permanently without costing too much or posting too much imposition
on your life.

• Suggestion and Recommendation:
Patsco Auto Glass Repair Waco also helps you if you are not sure
whether to repair your windshield or get it replaced. Both the glass
repair company and the insurance company will be firm on replacing
the glass; however, Patsco Auto Glass Repair guides the customers
in what is right for them.

• Safety
Auto Glass Repair Waco TX never compromises with anything for
price and handiness. A lot of insurance companies cover up split
windshield repair at 100 percent coverage without deduction. If any
customer wishes to pay for windshield repair out of his pocket, the
company provides them a half price coupon on its website page so
that they get affordable services.

• Best Service
Patsco Windshield Repair in Waco Texas provides its best services to
customers by repairing the glass that prevents the damage from
spreading. The company also repairs the structural uprightness of the
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Rock Chip Repair
$60.00 without coupon
Long Cracks $60
Additional chips $15 each.